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Prime Escort is an elite Russian Escort London introductory agency professionally managed to achieve style, sophistication and finesse for gentlemen looking to spend time with our gorgeous European escorts in London.We have been rated one of the best London Russian escort agency services in the China, who provide high caliber companions with absolute privacy and discretion.We are a well respected and we pride our selves in running an honest and efficient London escort service, with total integrity, discretion and elegance.Our portfolio is composed of some of the most elegant and stunning London escort Russian girls you are ever likely to meet.We are very proud to be known as one of the friendliest, honest and respectful agencies providing Russian escorts in London. Most of Prime Escort ladies are available for travel. We guarantee an elite escort can be sent to any destination, traveling to China or any destinationrequired.Feedback is always welcome and valued, so please feel free to get in touch. Your custom and fulfillment is very important to us.We have no set opening times. We usually start answering the phone from around 9am. We are open on weekdays as well as weekends. Availability after midnight is possible, but not assured.

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London is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world

London is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world. It offers a whole lot of things to do and see. In order for you to experience a whole new different adventure, and to give you satisfaction the London way, let our Russian escorts handle that.

If this is your first time visiting London, our blonde escorts will not only give you lessons or tips on what not to do and what to do. These busty escorts have been around in London for quite some time so they know exactly what to do with the first timers like you. The primary concern of our Russian  escort in London girls is to give you full service to make sure you will leave the city with smile and contentment thus giving you satisfaction in any way.

While we understand that some people visit London for business, our hot blonde escorts are trained to provide a business like attitude and have a pleasing personality to deal with different people with different needs. The girls in our agency are naturally buoyant and positive. They will lift your spirits as they enter the room and they are the life of every gathering or party. They are just lucky ladies to possess that kind of a positive vibe to keep you at ease at all times.

And finally, with the increasing number of escort service in London, we make sure that our Prime escort girls stand out from the rest. They take extra mile to satisfy the guests. Even if it means to go for a dinner date or just a walk in the park or even just to spend some time for a talk. Finally, to maintain their competitiveness, our Prime escorts will listen to client’s demands for a quality escort service. Maintaining quality and reliable escort service will ensure happy and satisfied clients.

To all of those discerning gentleman out there that know how to appreciate quality and have a passion for the finest things in life, Prime Escort strongly recommends Gizelle.
She is the latest addition to our new London Escorts gallery and she is indeed one of the most amazing elite escorts London has the pride to host.
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What is a VIP escort?

A VIP London escort is a lady that uses her sensuality and seduction prowess to make earnings. VIP escorts are highly classed young ladies that understand every need of a man and make him enter a world of whims and fancies away from the dregs of the daily routine life. They are meant for the men who desire the finer things in life.

These are for those to who class and richness has come as an inheritance. They are the most amazing women who have a very intoxicating personality, a smile that can set a guy on fire, a look that has millions of stories in her eyes, a presence that is so captivating that it overpowers the man and mesmerizes him enough to come along with her and make all his fantasies come alive. A VIP escort is that woman that has the powers to sweep a man off his feet and enter a world that is full of guilty pleasures, pleasures of the mind, body and soul.

These elite London escorts like the ones listed on this page are very well trained and are extremely good at their work; they become whatever the men want them to be, to cater to all his needs. She is a companion, she is a lover, she is a seductress she is a diva with an intoxicating essence that glorifies the moments between her and the client and makes him her slave. She can be taken to business tours, to high class dinners and parties, for a holiday that is just meant to relax and unwind. She is sure to play her part well in all of them and make the trips special and unforgettable for the man. The VIP escort understands the needs of a high panache businessman and knows that he is so busy that cannot look for a committed and long term relationship. She is therefore the apt choice for those who are looking for an exotic or popular type of an escort to let go and spend quality time with. She can be the mistress and she can be the toy. She can make all fancies of a man come to life.

The girl from Models Escort agency has the perfect skills that shall leave the man spellbound and completely charmed by her and the most amazing body that shall command slavery from the customers. She has the perfect cuts and curves and the most beautiful face that can hold the man in gaze and awe of her. She is the perfect way to spend a relaxed weekend. She has the looks that captivate attention of the man from the moment he first lays eyes on her. A VIP escort sure doesn’t come to all men. She has a very busy schedule and one has to check with her calendar to find out when she shall be free; before they can book for time with her. One has to be rich and powerful to be able to pay her a fortune of money that is her fee for making one's day.

Escorts: History

If we dig back the history we would get to know about women who have devoted their lifetime serving men what they want in order to enjoy life to the fullest. The ‘Memoirs of Geisha’ recall the time immemorial story of such stunning ladies who with their beauty, education, and talent chose to stay beside men who were powerful in the society just like ornaments instead of living a simple lifestyle. It might be their own fate that let them like that or probably it would right to say that these women were born in such families who have raised them to be like that.

One thing that should be cleared in this perspective is that these escorts must not be mistaken with prostitutes as the role of a prostitute greatly differed from that of an escort. It is revealed in many ancient tales that is evident in showing up facts through which one can make up that escorts were highly respected in the earlier societies for this accomplishments and education that they had gone through. Their beauties were explained in many epics and they were the ones who could charm even the toughest of men. Their companionship were desired by hundreds of men but it was not for everyone as escorts were perceived as exclusive individuals who were only ready to give company to high class and truly sophisticated members of the society.

All the negative airs must be cleared about escorts as they are not similar to high class or paid hookers who for the sake of money can do anything. Escorts in the need of living a decent life devoted their lives to the rich and famous men. It should not be assumed that hiring an escort supposedly mean a package of sex. Escorts should not be limited to that bracket as they are not only meant for sexual pleasures rather they are perceived as the ultimate source of companionship. It is not like paying up for sexual pleasures that prostitutes and hookers may look for but escorts focus more on providing company and not look for money. Indeed, in the dictionary of Merriam-Webster the term escort has been defined as the person who offers company to men for whatever requirement they are looking for rather than sexual pleasures.

In earlier times escorts were even compared with bodyguards or royal confidants who used to be like main secret keeper of their men. Nowadays, escorts are seen as a person who could be taken to any event or party or even a date. Even a lot of businessmen are there who hire escorts so that they can take them in their business meets to up confidence and sometimes grab tempting business offers. But now times have changed and numerous types of escorts are available like wedding escorts, business escorts, funeral escorts and so on.

How Often Do Men Turn to Escort Services?

The fact that marriage, as most people believe, does not equates to sex. It is said that, women loose their sex drive in marriage leading to frustrations on the men’s side.

Many married men have therefore resorted to hire escort services for sexual satisfaction services. In marriage, lots of happenings like increased family, loss of attraction to the spouse, stress levels and familiarity are some of the driving forces towards the hiring of escort girls services.

These add up to the already beaming number of escort statistics worldwide. The current figure in Britain, stand at 85% Briton men hiring their fellow lady British counterparts, within a week. This figure however; applies for men aged 20 to 35 years. This is a group that mostly consists of newly weds or bachelors. This group not only needs escort ladies for companion but also for sexual desires. 30% of British men will go for London escort girls while 74% prefer British escort agencies, to help them choose the right women for their escorts. The men look out for respected agencies and are very ready to double their payments.

They need the well experienced models, very mature and beautiful to be their escort girls. In another figure however, 26% of Britons believe that, the use of expensive escort ladies is just a waste of time and money. This group will go for the cheap intimate ones. This is the group which will get services of brothels, street workers very necessary. Despite the above mentioned statistics, 87% of Briton men will hide the fact that they hired the services of an escort girl. They will not reveal this to their friends or family. This means that only 13% get the courage of disclosing such encounters to their friends and even relatives. This is attributed to the fact that, most people fear the repercussions, which are likely to be incurred afterwards.

The 13% individuals disclosing such information, do not see anything wrong with what they are doing. They will be free to discuss with anybody willing to listen to the sexual adventures they experienced, plus various encounters.

Of the men interviewed, 88% believed that, gorgeous and beautiful women, work in such places for material wealth. They attributed such factors to the increased cost of living and household necessities. Only 12% of men believed that most ladies in escort services are in need of communication, with the male being.

It is also important to note that, London based escort girls services, do register a number of clients daily. The place offers different booking types to cater for every individual need. For instance, through the use of incall and outcall booking, one is able to get the services he needs. 50% of the clients prefer incall services, while 40%prefer outside services. The remaining 10% are said to prefer worldwide booking. Meaning that, they can take services from any escort lady from any company.